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Coco PeatCoco peat is the 'coir fibre pith' or 'coir dust' a bi-product produced when processing the coconut husks for extraction of long fibre from the husks. Coco peat is the binding material that comes from the fibre fraction of the coconut husk.

Anywhere you can use peat moss. The properties of Coco Peat make it resistant to bacterial and fungal growth. So coco peat is a multipurpose growing medium that provides new opportunities for Potting Mix Suppliers, Seedling Nurseries, Hydroponic Growers & Golf Green Constructors.

Coco peat is a proven natural alternative to mined peat moss, therefore using it helps slow down peat extraction from environmentally sensitive swamps worldwide. Used as a growing medium, Coco peat outperforms most of the popular brands of Peat and Sphagnum Peats.

It has a pH of 5.0-6.8 which is neutral to slightly acidic. This makes it great for alkaline garden soils.

Uses :

  • Seed starting
  • Bedding Plants
  • Planters
  • Gardens
  • Container Plants

Note : Package Size (As per customer's wish)

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